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Bankruptcy and financial

Personal injuries and property’s damages

Property law

Criminal law



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Medical negligence

Energy Law

Goodwill and real estate law

Samanipour International Law Institute guides your cases with the mechanism of accepting domestic and international arbitration

Samanipour International Law Firm

This institute is proud to negotiate, review, regulate and monitor your specialized domestic and international contracts.

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Corporate Affairs

Did you know what legal responsibilities shareholders, board members, and CEOs have under the Commercial Code? Consult with us before signing company minutes

Banking and Finance

Did you know what effect corporate bankruptcy has on bank loans? Did you know that many banking contracts can be challenged in court?

Intellectual Property

Did you know that your company trademark and logo and your inventions and copyrights must be legally registered in order to be protected?

Since 2005, ask us for resumes and court archives in various fields

You can ask us to share our work history with you. There are hundreds of votes in our work archive

Our Legal Services


  • Arbitration of Chambers
  • Arbitration of guild chambers
  • Arbitration of persons
  • International Arbitration


  • International trade agreements
  • Real Estate Contracts
  • Civil partnership agreements
  • Contracts of individuals

Labor and Employee

  • Labor and employer disputes
  • Disputes over project
  • Arranging employment contracts
  • Labor Dispute Resolution Boards

Citizenship rights

  • Civil and fundamental rights
  • Diplomatic support
  • Rights of foreign nationals
  • Rights of imprisoned foreign

We offer a wide range of legal services


Take action in court and report the case to the client

Negotiate with the client

At this stage, we will negotiate with you by announcing the advisory opinion and current costs and risks and the possibility of legal action and drawing the legal path and process of the case.


Did you know that many legal problems and challenges can be solved through legal advice?
Evaluate your case with our consultants at Samanipour International Law Institute. Get legal advice from us before signing any contract.

Evaluation of review and documentation

At our institute, your documents will be evaluated before any legal advice is provided.