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About Samanipour International Law Institute

Provider of specialized legal services in the fields of:
International legal affairs in Europe and the United States, especially international agreements, international trade and finance, international transportation and trade, international arbitration.
Legal affairs inside Iran, including all legal, arbitration and criminal cases
Today, law has become more widespread due to the breadth of communications, transactions, and the growth of technology.
Many people are confused when choosing a lawyer because they are not aware of the scope of legal disciplines.
This office uses international relations with European and American lawyers and with the benefit of specialized experiences in the field of international trade in the fields of international disputes, traders in the fields of damages, arbitration, insurance, transportation, contracts ready to serve Has esteemed clients.

In the Iranian legal department, this office, with several years of experience in the field of advocacy, examines all your claims professionally and pursues them strategically and effectively. Our credit is your satisfaction and our goal is specialized defense of your rights.

We are proud to provide legal assistance to our fellow citizens across the United States with the official permission of the California Bar Association. For communication, dear compatriots living in the US state, you can get contact information and address on the news page.
We have officially started practicing law in the Iranian judiciary since 2005, and with hundreds of successful cases we are developing legal services across the borders of Iran to the United States.