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Energy Law

Considering Iran’s position in having huge oil and gas resources in the world and the dependence of the country’s economy on this industry, this field of law is of great importance in the Iranian legal system. Oil and gas law includes a set of domestic and international laws and regulations that govern the activities of individuals and companies in this field, including the oil law, the law on encouraging and protecting foreign investment and related regulations, bilateral agreements and Multilateralism between Iran and other countries, international environmental laws and regulations, etc. Activities related to this field also have a wide range, which includes arranging investment and financing contracts, exploration, development and operation, import and export, and so on.

In the field of energy, in recent years, we are witnessing the arrival and development of renewable and clean energy, including solar energy in Iran. This new and emerging field also includes a set of laws and regulations at the domestic and international levels, the knowledge of which is of great importance for operating in this field like other industries.

Due to the scope and complexity of activities in the field of energy, oil and gas, addressing the relevant issues requires high knowledge, skills and expertise. Our law firm has been able to provide a suitable platform to meet the needs of its clients by bringing together lawyers and experts in this field.