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Immigration to America

Immigration to Canada

Samanipour International Law Institute is proud to give advice to your fellow countrymen on immigration issues abroad.

You need to know that only lawyers with legal immigration licenses can take legal action from you and your family, and having a lawyer’s license from the destination country is a prerequisite for doing so. For example, there are no Iranian lawyers who do not have a federal law firm in the United States. Under the laws of the Iranian Bar Association and the local and international lawyers, you will not be liable for your rights.

Therefore, any advertising of unlawful legal entities, regardless of whether it is a crime, will take your route to the wrong place.

It is proud to offer its qualified international lawyers the right to apply for a lawyer in the country of destination and direct you to supervise your contracts.

Many of the requests for investment visas in foreign countries with problems such as blocking money, the lack of approval of an investment project in the public sector and the severity of the prosecution of attorneys in foreign countries, the lack of licensing of illegal institutions and exploiters … Has caused waste of capital and the way of life.

We are listed in this area with the help of the Foreign Attorney Counsel for Dangers.

It is worth mentioning that we do not accept any immigration mandate for any of the above restrictions and will only cooperate with the United States, Europe and Australia for advice on immigration.