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Are you an heir and did you have a dispute with other heirs for the matriarch?
Are there people among you who are absent and you can not sell your property?
Are you abroad and worried about the maintenance and care of your inherited property?
Do you not have a certificate of monopoly of inheritance and you are abroad and you are worried about your inherited property?
We will answer your questions.
It is necessary to know that according to the Law on Public Affairs and the Law on Separation of Common Property and its regulations approved in 1977 in Iran, you can sell or separate your property and enjoy the benefits of your inheritance.
This institution is proud to take care of all the problems caused by your inherited property and to defend your rights.
In addition, our institution, as an authorized legal entity, can protect your property with the trusted staff of its colleagues, just benefit from our advice.

Taking advantage of the possibility of meeting Iranian citizens of Iranian descent in person, this institution has the ability to obtain a formal power of attorney from you who live in the United States, and can exercise your right if your inheritance is encroached upon or taken over by other heirs in Iran. Or take possession of your property and take care of all administrative matters, including inheritance tax, separation of inherited common property, division of our property, or sale of common property.